Veggen / The Wall

Video and dance workshop for kids from 6 to 14 years of age.  

During a four day workshop participants are prompted to see and to be seen. Working with movement, breathing, focus and attention a semi-structured performance is put together consisting of film, music, movement, dance and darkness.  

Veggen/The Wall played at

Festspillene in Harstad, Norway 2018 and the international dance festival

DanceFestival Barents 2018

As part of the DKS programme Veggen/The Wall has played in a number of schools in Hammerfest and Tromsø. 

The project is supported by DanseArena Nord.

Idea, development and directing by Trine Fjellstad

Development, film and technical by Jonas Jessen  

In darkness the senses are sharpened and the art of seeing and being seen emerges in the light from a mobile phone. Presence, expression, energy, joy and curiosity appears in short composite moments, underlining how play and ideas becomes form and expression. From the outer body to the inner life. ‘Veggen’ shows how kids ideas and use of a room can be used to form a playful and creative expression.    

In this workshop we wish to show sides of the kids that they do not usually have a chance to show. We want to motivate all possible expressions, calm and energetic. On the last day of the workshop, film and movement is joined in a performance. The presence of the camera is important, the meeting with one self on camera and how to meet and respect other peoples expressions through movement and on film. 


                                            - Trine Fjellstad & Jonas Jessen

Here are some video clips from Storelv skole in Tromsø, Norway. These clips were projected onto 3 vertical semi-transparent screens placed around the room during the performance.