Sun Towers

Sound design, music, voices (Full design)


Tower defense combined with match three mechanic.

Developed at the Danish Acadamy for Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU) 2013.


The games site at Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment is here.

Sun Towers is a match three tower defense game where you have to build and upgrade towers in order to defend your villages against hordes of alien looking monsters.


The game was developed at DADIU (Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment) fall 2013 and during a period of 6 weeks. It was left as a work-in-progress but functioning as a playable and balanced game.


A great challenge for the sound design in a top-view isometric game like this, is how to handle the soundscape in high active periods with dense amounts of auditive elements.  


It is possible to build three different types of towers and each type of tower can be upgraded 4 levels. The sound effects has to support the types of towers and the player has to be able to hear the differences. The kakofonic soundscape emerging in high active periods has to turn into a meaningful mass.

Below is a mix from the music score, composed to signal levels of danger, times of peace and construction and destruction.  

Gameplay video.