Music and vocals was captured during the recording session and mixed at Soundscape Studio by Louise Nipper and the final video was released on youtube.   

In the black room focus is keept on the intense feeling and performance made by the artists. Flamenco is intense and full of expression, so I felt that it was important to avoid disturbing elements.

                                                                       Jonas Jessen


During the end of my stay at the European Film College I was challanged to do some infomercial spots for the national tv station TV2. They aired during the end of 2004 and during 2005. 

Camera: Mads Grage

Edit: Thor Ochsner

Idea and direction: Jonas Jessen  

Flamenco Álegrias

In 2011 two Flamenco artists from Sevilla Lucía Álvarez (La Pinona) and Juan Murube visited Copenhagen. They toured for a week and made time in their schedule to record a video. 

Accompanied by Danish Pepita Rohde (Vocal), Poul Knudsen (Guitar) and Anders Pedersen (Cajon).   

Camera and DP: Anders Jon Petersen

Idea, editing and directing: Jonas Jessen

Production: Poul Knudsen and Jonas Jessen