As a kid I spend hours fishing in a small pond near the house where I grew up. I scanned the shores of the pond looking for fish and their hideouts as the sunbeams lit up the surface waters and its alien underwater world. During trips to the beach and walks by the harbourside I always gazed down into the waters hoping to catch a climpse of something out of the ordinary. 

Today, I´m still facinated by the world hidden underneath the water.

With Living Windows I try to show the familiar places where our world meets the ocean. I try to zoom in on what you will see when taking a walk along the harbourside.

The transparent projection screens allow the audience to see the ocean and the citylights while being reminded of the shores nearby. 

The idea originated as a winter darkness project. All material is filmed while the sun was shining and the installation projected during winter darkness. In effect the installation intends to remind the audience of the proximity of the ocean, its creatures and the constant pollution, not visible during darkness.    

Living Windows is an audiovisual installation tailor-made for the lobby at the Cultural Community Center in Hammerfest. 

Video- and audiorecordings were made entirely in the area visible from the window section in the lobby. The local kids-choir helped me add some interpretation to the sound-design.    

As many others, I´m worried and concerned by the problems caused by plastic pollution of the oceans. This is a problem that occured during my lifetime and damages are visible almost any place where land meets ocean. 

By focusing on local shores and presenting facts from local voluenteer groups (gathering plastic waste from nearby beaches), I hoped to catch the attention of the local population. Reminding them that this problem is present worldwide, also at 70 degrees north.  

Hammerfest turlag

3,3 ton of waste was collected on a coastal stretch of around 4 kilometers in the northernmost part of norway (1000 kilometer north of the polar circle).