Living Windows experiments with the relation between sound and picture in order to highlight how our perceptual apparatus is built to perceive the surroundings as one unity. The installation wishes to show how sound and picture despite their ontological distance attracts each other in order to make one expression. Thereby showing how the audience themselves add to the creation of meaning.

All my gratitude to the paticipants:

Siri Wigdel - Gwyn Vaughan Jones - Tiril Bergane - Vilja Bergane - Ksenia Shchetneva - Mathilde Caeyers -  Åse-Marie Småvik.


Special thanks to:

Festival director Siri Wigdel and Dancefestival Barents.

Special mention:

Anya W. Bowcott

Living Windows at DanceFestival Barents is an elboration of the first Living Windows project, produced for the dance festival.  

All content is recorded in Hammerfest using local talents under the festival-slogan ´Local is Global´. 

The relation between sound and picture

is not causal.

There is no relation.

The unity is an illusion.


It is we who make sound and picture into one.

An irresistible and spontaneous synthesis.

It is our brain that seeks to create meaning.

Synchresis (Synchronism and synthesis) is the spontaneous and irresistible weld produced between a particular auditory phenomenon and visual phenomenon when they occur at the same time (Chion, Michel - Audiovision 1990).