DFC information films 

Three informational films made for Danida Fellowship Centre

Danida Fellowship Centre in Copenhagen wished to enforce their communication strategy towards visiting fellows from countries around the world. As a part of this strategy a series of films illustrating practicalities in relation to their stay as well as information on Danish culture were to be made.    


A big thank you to Danida Fellowship Centre and Lene Moesgaard, fellows at DFC and all who participated.

Camera: Mads Grage

Producer and development: Jacob Svenson

Development, manuscript and directing: Jonas Jessen


A total of 3 films were made with a duration of 5 to 15 minutes, filming and working with both actors and casting fellows volunteering to participate.

Danida Fellowship Centre is a self-governed department of the ministry of foreign affairs, administering grants to development research and research capacity building.

Visit www.dfcentre.dk for more information.