I find myself hoovering in a field between professional sound production and video work. Between practical technical application and creative urge to further explore the relation between sound and movement. I have acquired technical skills working with and producing sound-designs as well as video- and installation works. I have been doing conceptual development, production and post-production of video projects, infomercials, information-films and documentary and had a long commitment in the professional field as sound technician and sound designer.  

During the last couple of years, I have been working with live-sound for a broad spectra of stage performances.

I have a master degree in Audio-design from the University of Århus and a bachelor degree in Communication from the University of Roskilde. I have studied at the European Film College (EFC) in Ebeltoft, and has combined my bachelor with subjects from the department of Film- and media science at Copenhagen University. 


2017 - Now: Sound technician at AKS (Artic community cultural centre). Live-sound and soundwork for music, , theare and dance performances within the community centre.

2017 - 2018: Location recording and VO recording for the theatrical documentary 'Kamel' shot in the northern most part of Norway. 

2015 - 2016: Recording technician at SDI Media. Work and responsibility included: casting, script preparation, technical requirements, directing and creative responsibility, dialogue editing. Products included TV-series, DVD releases, theatrical releases, digital games, commercials, dubbing courses and others.

2015 - 2016: Sound-Design for the digital game Utopia 9. Released in 2016 on Steam (steampowered.com).

2005 - 2014: Recording technician and directing technician. Servicing dubbing studios such as SDI Media (DK), Dubberman (DK) and Smart Dub (DK). Recording TV-, DVD- and Theatrical releases. 

2012: Recording and designing sound-categories and music for the digital quiz game ‘Sound Quiz’. Released for iOS by Copenhagen Creators.

2012: Location recording: You and Me Forever. 

2010: Sound-Design, development and production: Information films developed for DFC (Danida Fellowship Centre), a sub-division of the Danish development assistance programme. 

2009: Internship at CPH:DOX (Copenhagen International Documentary Film- festival). Intern at the international platform DOX:FORUM, the talent development programme DOX:LAB and responsible for DOX:MARKET (The festivals digital screening platform).

2008: Location recording: Short film ‘The Alliance’.

2007: Location recording: Short film ‘Carls Engle'’.

2005 - 2006: Recording technician: SDI media, Holland.

2005: Sound post-production at Lydstyrken ApS: Sound editing for TV and documentary programs for Danish national television DR (Danish Radio), Tv2, Tv3 and TvDK.

2005: Dialogue editing: Theatrical feature ‘Veninder’.

2005: Dialogue editing: Theatrical feature 'Bølle Bob og Smukke Sally''.

2004: Sound-Design, development and directing: 4 spots produced for Danish national television TV2. Advertising their online services at TV2.dk.

2004: Location recording: Documentary pilot project about the Odin theatre

in Holstebro, Denmark. Produced by Italian ‘Vivo films’.

2004: Strix Television A/S: Logging and assistance jobs.

2002-2003: Civil service: at the Royal Danish Library, culture department.



2012-2014: Masters Degree in Audio Design (Cand IT - Audio Design): Audio Design is a masters program within digital design at Aarhus University, Denmark. The program is aimed at sound design for interface- and interaction design.

2014: Master thesis project: About 'how we listen' to Sound Design on top-view tower defense games.

2013: DADIU (Danish Aademy for Digital, Interactive Entertainment): Attended as lead sound designer within a full production team of 17 members.

2008-2009: Additional courses at Film- and Media studies, Copenhagen University: Courses in cognitive film theory and digital design theory.

2006-2010: Bachelors degree in communication: Roskilde University Denmark. General communications degree. 

2004: European Film Collage (Denmark): Duration: 8 month. Focus: Film production.

Attended courses in location recording, studio recording, Pro Tools, Music production, film editing, drama and script writing.

1999: Music continuation school.